Her name is Rainbow – Swim with Dolphin in Lovina

Her name is Rainbow - Swim with Dolphin in Lovina

One of the activity that THE LOVINA Bali Resort’s tour desk can arrange for you is not only Dolphin watching in open sea but also swim with Dolphin. Dolphin show and Dolphin therapy is available too. This spot is located just about 5 minutes from THE LOVINA.

They are very tame, you can touch them with your own hand. Play with them, and for sure they will make your soul happy 🙂

I experienced it myself, wow – it’s just amazing when you can touch them, tickling their skin and you feel that they happy, when you smiling and they will make movement and their eyes will blinking as they are smiling back to you.

Lovina, North Bali is well known with the Dolphin. The most unique fish in the world I guess. When you come for holiday, this is the first activity that you must do. The price of the Dolphin watching is about USD 15 net/person, while Dolphin show at USD 6-7 net/ person and swimming with dolphin cost at USD 110-120 net/ person. The prices are vary following the low or high season periods.

The best time to see the wild Dolphins are after March, because the rainy season in Indonesia has passed and the sea will be very calm. One more thing that you should know that here in Lovina, the sea is very different compared with other sea in others Bali area. Why? It is of course still a sea, but almost has no current.The most calm sea in Bali is at Lovina, that’s why Lovina is always called “Home of the Dolphins.”.

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